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Britain depends on its care workers, in both the voluntary and profession sectors. It is important that we celebrate the massive contribution they make to the country, and that is why I support Good Care Week. I firmly believe that there is nothing that defines a society more clearly than the way in which it cares for the most vulnerable, the elderly and those that care for them.

I have, however, seen the incredible work of the care sector, at times, overshadowed by the small number of negative news stories we see each year. While shocking, these stories should not be allowed to colour our lasting perception of some of the most selfless people in our society.

I believe Good Care Week has a vital role to play, not only in giving a more a balanced view of the sector, but in starting a national conversation on the importance of good care. Care is something that affects everyone in the UK, and our care workers deserve to be recognised and celebrated for the vital work they do.

Norman Lamb MP

Minister of State for Care Services